It's better to be a sore winner than just sore. So make sure your friends know when you have them beat.

Put down your phones, Mitchamaniacs! Sorry, but games this amazing only work on your desktop.

Thinfinity Bar
Thinergy Powder
Thinstant Shake
Use your arrow keys to help Mitch make his way around the gym. Collect as many weights as you can.
Use the A, S, and D keys on your keyboard to consume special power-ups. But whatever you do, don’t run into the walls or Mitch’s towel trailing behind you!
Thinfinity Bar
Take a bite of the
Thinfinity Bar and you
can go through walls.
Thinergy Powder
Use the Thinergy Powder whenever Mitch’s towel gets too long to handle.
Thinstant Shake
One drink of the Thinstant Shake and all the weights will disappear.
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LG Thin Clients

LG Thin Clients—part of this complete IT fitness program.